Torus Therapy’s Mission and Vision

Our Mission (the what, how and why we do what we do)

The mission of Torus Therapy LLC is to provide compassionate healing therapy and other practices that work in unity to allow our clients to reach their full potential through clarity, balance, and connection by tapping into your internal truth/knowing which is what we here at Torus calls, “connecting to your heart”.

This unique treatment approach unfolds the path for healing by treating emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. This path allows our clients to connect to the heart  where truth and spirit are alive.  Your heart is your knowing, and where your inner guidance resides. This is the area that brings clarity, balance, and connection to self and others. This is your most authentic self. 

Our Vision 

To heal humanity one person at a time through connection to self, creating a spiritual practice, and community.

Torus Therapy is committed to helping heal all of ones emotional suffering one person at a time. We believe that when one person heals, they are a reflection for others to heal. When one pebble is dropped in a lake, it creates ripple effects. As we heal we show others through our actions and behaviors on how to treat and love us, which in turn shows others how to find love within themselves. 

As we work with clients, we are told countless stories of how their healing has changed relationships with not only themselves but with others; and how their transformation is now leading others to grow. This ultimately results in a shift of consciousness not only with one client, but with the many. 

Torus believes in connection, compassion, and healing. 

We find that the people we treat are disconnected from themselves, and others. We also find that it is difficult for people to feel through their emotions as it is much easier to avoid, then feel. Due to the avoidance, we have trouble navigating the hard stuff that life gives us, and often we find we are trying to not feel all of that hard stuff.

When we turn off our feeling to avoid pain, we also turn off our own guiding system because we are so worried and in our heads about getting out of the situation that is causing us so much pain; in other words we have so much mental chatter that we can’t listen to our intuition, or our heart/gut; our guidance center.

Through psychotherapy, yoga, spiritual guidance, sound healing, meditation, bodywork, nutrition, coaching, chiropractic care,  group work and other healing modalities, we help people connect with themselves; sometimes in stillness, pause, and quiet; when they can listen to what is happening them; in their own heart where all the answers lie. 

***This leads to a greater awareness of the separate yet connected  body, mind, and spirit (emotional body, mental body, and physical body).

The only way to experience joy, love, peace, bliss, and contentment is to experience grief, sadness, anger, and fear. As we allow the space for individuals to heal with compassion, we can find space for acceptance. We begin to connect with this acceptance as a part of surrendering; which is where we find the clarity to see our situations that have been causing distress to our human bodies. 

When we help one connect to their emotions, and their bodies, and teach how to clear the mental chatter by connecting to one’s truth(heart); trauma and intergenerational trauma healing happens. Instead of thinking “I did this to myself,” we start to understand that life happened to us. 

In the healing process we start to listen to our own guidance;  and we start to listen to ourselves.  When we listen we begin  to appreciate and love who we are; and we can then allow for compassion, surrender, acceptance, and authenticity.  We begin to disconnect ourselves from the stories of what everyone else has told us about us;  which has created the current pain and suffering in our lives.

Torus creates the space to help you find your inner power, inner love, and connection to self, oftentimes creating a new version of you; your own human potential.