Integrative Healing for Mind Body Spirit

Torus was born out of the experience of our founder’s own healing journey. Jamie recognized her deep work and growth was enhanced by layering various healing modalities with traditional talk therapy. She would drive to various locations to meet with different teachers, healers and coaches. She realized there had to be a better way to meet with the right people within her schedule while having time be a mom and grow her therapy practice. 

Drawing from those personal lessons and experience, the idea of Torus began to take shape. Today, Torus is a growing, Integrative Center comprised of two sects, Torus Therapy and Torus Center for Integrative Healing, offering our clients a single location to heal. Torus Therapy brings together therapists and coaches to offer Psychotherapy, EMDR, Transpersonal Therapy and other therapeutic modalities. And Torus Center for Integrative Healing, brings local healers and teachers, in one space, to meet you where you are and to begin the true transformation through Yoga, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Community Experiences, and more. To learn more about the services of Torus Center, please visit our page here.

As soon as you step into Torus, you will realize the place is as unique as the name, encapsulating its full meaning and in the simplest form, we offer heart-centered approach to healing. Each of our practitioners encourages you to listen to your own heart, your intuition, and your lightened-being inside. Our goal is to help you find your internal guide and power that has been with you all along.

The Energetic Heart

We are here to help you find a life full of meaning.

Hear more about Torus Therapy’s approach to healing from our Owner and Founder, Jamie Kruse, LCSW.