Transpersonal Therapy

What is Transpersonal Therapy and Why Find a Transpersonal Therapist?

Transpersonal Therapy is a way to reach self-fulfillment and move you toward desire. In using different states of the brain, a Transpersonal Therapist guides you to access memories, limiting thoughts, and defeating patterns blocking or getting in the way of feeling more connected to yourself and others. It is a type of therapy that creates awareness and mindfulness in everyday life so one can see their life as an observer and creator. In other words, you become an active participant in the unfoldings of life versus feeling victimized. Transpersonal Therapy is how you learn to enter your inner strength to manifest what you desire through hard work, courage, bravery, dedication, prayer, meditation, discipline, groundedness, trust, faith, acceptance, surrender, and above all LOVE. A Transpersonal Therapist is your guide between the ordinary world to the unordinary world. 

Transpersonal Therapists guide you to transcendental states or other areas of consciousness that are beyond the human experience (unordinary world), also known as awakening experiences. 

These transcendental states allow the participants to experience peace and harmony outwardly which results in an inward feeling of peace and harmony. Once one can achieve that peace and harmony in self, change in their day-to-day life starts happening to match what they feel inside their being. 

As this happens, support and guidance are needed to change their “ordinary” world.

Traditional therapy takes its role, teaching and implementing skills so that participants can manage the ordinary world we live in. 

As we work in both the unordinary and ordinary world, you and your therapist will gain a higher perspective and a knowledge of your ordinary world. You will be able to learn how to access these states so you can live in harmony and peace.

Clients gain mastery in meditation, knowing how to access these higher states of consciousness, skills around self-healing, how to manage feelings associated with past, present, and future, understanding the importance of physical health to support their growth, and how to connect with themselves and the world around them. Above all, clients learn everyday awareness.

One must be ready to see change, have hope, and believe that change is possible for one to experience the truth of Transpersonal Therapy. 

The hope is that through Transpersonal Therapy, the world heals one heart at a time. A key function of Transpersonal Therapy is believing in the principles of spirituality. As Transpersonal Therapy works to help you connect and love yourself, it is through this act we treat others with the same love. We learn that pain is a byproduct of trauma, and a person is not their pain. This brings more unity in families, and relationships, extending outward change so we can begin to heal in communities, cities, states, nations, and the world.

To learn more about Transpersonal Therapy or to schedule with a Transpersonal Therapist, please reach out to Jamie Kruse.