Astrology and Human Design

Torus Therapy is happy to pattern with Lukasz and Valeria to offer individual and relational human design and astrology sessions. Below are are few session descriptions of what they offer!

Relationship Astrology & Human Design

We highly recommend individual natal chart sessions first before diving into the combined energy of two souls, although it’s not absolutely necessary.

During this session, we will guide you to see the relationship with higher awareness, acceptance, compassion and love to create more harmony and ease between the two of you.

Together, we will explore the ways you empower one another, the lessons that come up for each individual, the challenges you are working through as partners, and how to sustain your connection.

Integrating Polarities: The Feminine – Masculine Within

The beauty of relationships exist within the dance between the two conscious individuals. When each is empowered to explore and embody the entire spectrum of feminine-masculine energetics within themselves first, they then can attract the same—fully integrated partner in their lives.

We attract what we are! What’s within so without. 

Here we focus on adjusting the feminine – masculine energies within the individual and then apply it to the relationship. We offer a customized, practical action plan to bring awareness and integration of these polarities through mutual effort in the relationship. 

When the feminine-masculine polarity is integrated in a woman, she is goal-oriented and acts to fulfill her dreams + life mission while also being able to relax her mind, connect with her body and senses, and radiate her beauty to fully give herself to her partner. She is intuitive, feels protected, secure, and understood to freely express her thoughts and feelings.                                                                     

The same happens when the masculine-feminine is integrated in a man. He taps into his feelings and emotions and communicates them with empathy. The man knows how to listen, he is caring, giving and intuitive while also ready to take on and accomplish his goals. He protects and provides, making his woman trust him completely knowing that he always has her back.  

When one, or both polarities have not been properly integrated, we attract-manifest a toxic masculine or a toxic feminine to perfectly reflect back to us where we need to look deeper within.

Intimacy: Energetics of Touch – Kundalini Tao Tantra

Sensuality and intimacy are the most powerful energies we explore with our senses. We use this energy to MANIFEST-CREATE our physical reality, dreams, and desires.

In this offer, we explore the energetic principles behind intimacy, touch, connection, and creating a sacred space.

Intimate contact of any kind is the most powerful spiritual experience. Where two physically separated beings become one to exchange and harmonize energies on the deepest level to create mutual balance.

You will learn powerful KUNDALINI-TAO-TANTRA techniques to help reconnect you with your sexual energy and circulate it within the body, resulting in heightened physical pleasure and a deeper spiritual connection within yourself and your partner.

Session Rates:

Astrology + Human Design (Individual Session)

1-hour $225

Astrology + Human Design (Couples Session)

1-hour $280

Integrating Polarities: The Feminine – Masculine

1-hour $200

Intimacy: Energetics of Touch – Kundalini Tao Tantra 

1-hour $200

To schedule with Lukasz and Valeria, please follow the calendar link.

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