Group Therapy

Group Therapy offers many therapeutic benefits. One of the most important benefits is that it allows people to relate to one another. There is great value in knowing you are not alone during times of struggle and that there are others who understand your struggles because they are experiencing similar issues.

Group Therapy Process

One of the advantages of group therapy is the opportunity to learn from other members’ experiences. For example, you will hear how others have dealt with their depression, anxiety or relationship problems. Hearing what’s worked — as well as what hasn’t — from a group of peers often gets people focused on making significant changes in their lives.

Group can include a skill-based approach, during which the leader introduces a skill, and then the members support each other to try and implement that skill into their daily lives.

Group therapy can also include talk therapy. The foundation of this approach is for members to process how they relate to each other, how they are managing their struggles, and how they can best support the members.

Therapy Details

Groups we offer:

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