Health & Wellness Coaching

*Starting in February Torus Therapy is offering 5 individuals an opportunity to interview for 10 FREE sessions (30 minutes). If you are interested, please contact April directly at

Do you find yourself stuck in an unhealthy cycle? Do you want to make changes to your lifestyle but find yourself lost at what to do first? Are you interested in discovering the beginning step in your next chapter? 

Coaching might be the right next-step for you to take!  

Wellness coaching uses behavior change methodology. We look at several areas of your life instead of only looking at what is traditionally determined as ‘health’.  At Torus, a healthy lifestyle includes so much more that what you consume – we dive deeper into the health of your finances, spirituality, relationships, career, hobbies, etc. to reveal old stories and blocks. Once we reveal the true blockages, you can begin to move forward.  All programs and plans are driven by what you really want, not what you think people want for you. 

True to Torus’ overall approach, we encourage you to look inward for the answers. We humbly meet you where you are on any given day, provide a safe, non-judgmental environment to process where you’ve been and focus on the heart-space to find the answers.  

As a wellness coach, it is our goal to help guide you in:

  1. Taking an honest look at your overall wellness
  2. Gaining clarity about what exactly where you want to focus
  3. Envisioning the lifestyle you want to move towards
  4. Developing a plan to move closer to your goals
  5. Remembering all the wins, while remaining an accountability partner
  6. Moving past old stories and blocks that have prevented lasting change
  7. Providing unbiased input on how you’re doing

Coaching is here to help you form a road map to support you in making small changes over time to realize your goals. 

As part of an integrative approach, we believe that coaches and therapists work together to help you achieve change. In collaborative care, we utilize our coaches to help us therapists see from an eagle’s eye, or a higher perspective into your life.  Our coaches will see you from beginning to end, helping you understand and identify  what areas in your life need more support, and engaging you in making those changes happen. When ready, they will guide you to your therapist, and/or other wellness team members where the deeper healing happens. Once those deeper wounds are healed, your coach comes back and guides you on discovering your new found self; you are now on your path of creating your new life, and your coach is here to guide each step of the way.

Program overview:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions 
  • Approximately 45 minutes in length 
  • In-person and video are available
  • Sessions are available for purchase in groups of 10, 15 or 20 and include email and text help during our time apart.
    • 10 sessions at $750
    • 15 sessions at $1,050
    • 20 sessions at $1,300