Manifest Your Dreams with a Vision Board


No matter what your goals might be—learning how to relax, being more patient, improving your relationships, travel, finding jobs or just being kinder to yourself—a vision board is a valuable tool to keep you moving forward during your journey.

What is a Vision Board?

Vision Boards offer you clarity in your life mission and let you visualize your plans. Visualizing your dreams can help you hold yourself accountable for achieving those plans. Whether you’re looking to change up a personal quality or stay grounded with an activity of daily meditation – having access to visual evidence of what is truly important can be very helpful on your journey towards realizing your desires.

More Than a Mood Board

What distinguishes a Vision Board from other tools? Well for starters, instead of just focusing on aesthetics (i.e., decorating) like some Collages and Mood Boards do, they are designed to help keep clarity on your ideas of where you want things in your life to go. A vision board focuses on accomplishments, relationships, aspirations, and dreams.

A vision board is an empowering tool that guides you in your quest for peace. This helps you focus, plan, and work towards manifesting the things you want to achieve; which in turn allows you to experience a sense of fulfillment. This strategy can also help you take charge of your future destiny and has been shown to be beneficial both emotionally and financially.

Set Your Intentions

First, you must first tune into your intuition so that it can act as their personal guide. This will allow you to set intentions for what you really want. Express it! Say out loud or write down what you desire to create or receive. This is known as setting intentions. Setting Intentions helps you understand and focus on what you really want to manifest in your life. An important part of manifestation is believing that what you desire can happen. You should believe that anything you’re seeking will happen someday if you just keep moving towards it and preparing for when it happens. This is where having a vision board comes in handy for motivation.

There’s No Right or Wrong

There are no real rules to making a vision board as long as it inspires you. Some people focus on singular ideas while others plan long term goals. Think about what will guide you towards happiness in both the present and the future. Everyone has their own definition of happiness and fulfillment. Your vision board is your personal space to play with what brings you joy and peace.

Creating a vision board is an artistic and personal experience. This is your canvas, show what inspires you most. Look for words, images, colors or other media that represent the ideas and dreams that your intuition is guiding you toward. Design and arrange each of the pieces of your Vision Board in a way that appeals to you. Some people make shapes or have words and images near each other to represent different ideas.

You can also add your own embellishments and artwork to your piece. Write words; doodles; sketching over the collages or adding some of your favorite items such as sequins, glitter or lace ribbon might be just what you need to complete this project so it feels like a true representation of who you are.

Show Off Your New Masterpiece

It’s important to display your vision board somewhere that you can see it every day. Seeing your own ambitions regularly–with images and words representing your goals, wishes, and values–helps remind you of what you want to do, be, or have. Decide what are the main priorities in achieving these goals and finding success. Circle or list a few of your top priorities and start making mindful steps toward your reaching your goals.

By consistently reminding yourself of your vision, you will train your brain to move forward toward opportunities that align with your priorities. Make a habit of revisiting your vision board as a form of self care. Think about your progress: Where have I been recently? What have I learned? How will this translate into my future decisions? Are my actions in alignment with the life I desire?

A Vision Board Will Not Fix Everything

Life is ever-changing. Be patient with yourself. Do not try to check every item off your list; instead embrace what feels right and true now. Being receptive will allow you to fully align with yourself, allowing for powerful change in both direction and perspective.

Upcoming Event

If you’re ready to take the next step forward in your journey, join us for our upcoming Vision Board workshop, Setting Intentions.

Our workshop is a safe space to explore your life right now and build clarity on the future you want. This session will begin with a guided meditation that will help ground and center us before we begin working on our vision boards.