Attuning to the Rhythms of the Year and Letting Go

Here we are again, experiencing and welcoming a new season. The crisp air leaves slowly changing, the gentle pull to go inward. Fall, like all seasons, brings teachings and the natural movement of change, so let us take a moment to listen and attune. 

Torus has chosen to dive into the theme of letting go for October.

We believe there is power in living and attuning to the seasons, in listening to the opportunities and lessons each time of the year presents to us.

Historically as humans, we lived more in line with the seasons and nature. We would wake with the sun, rest at its setting, and create the rhythm of food production based on the time of the year. Given how the world has shifted – we can often feel dysregulated, overly tired, frustrated, depressed, anxious, and more as we have pulled ourselves away from this natural rhythm. Since we work differently and spend more time inside – our bodies have become disconnected from the seasons.

When we begin to notice what Fall is prompting us to change and the lessons it holds for us, we begin to feel more naturally able to cycle through what we are thinking, feeling, experiencing, and needing. There is more flow rather than pushing through the times of the year.

Autumn is a signal for us to begin to go inward.

You might have felt the last few weeks of increased fatigue, the desire to spend more time inside, to reflect, withdraw, or feel comforted and cozy. These are signals from our physical and emotional body that something needs to be different, an opportunity to listen to what that is. Maybe these indicate that we need to slow down, incorporate more rest, spend more time with the people we love and feel safe with, or let go of things that do not connect to our hearts.

Autumn asks us, what is being called to let go of? What needs to fall away so that you can start anew?

Letting go is not always an easy task. We want to be in control, to have answers or knowledge, or judgments. Ultimately, when we practice (and it is a continual practice and reminder) letting go, it gives way to less stress, less energy stuck within us, less struggle with others, and less frustration – we can move the feelings (energy) from the inside out. We can become less emotional about things of the past or the future as it incites us to be more accepting of the present rather than holding onto the past or future.

Maybe you are not ready to fully let go of patterns, people, thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and states of being – so take this time to be gentle with yourself and notice what comes up. It’s okay that your leaves are not ready to fall yet.

At Torus, we are here to explore with you what this means to let go. What that could look like for you, and how that could feel. We hope you find moments this season to rest, reflect, and acknowledge all you are and all you are becoming, colorful leaves and all.

Written by: Chardyce Kott, LSW