Meditation: Finding a Personal Practice

Meditation is gaining more recognition for its power to slow us down during the flurry of life. Factor in the upcoming New Year, and you might find this is the best time to start a meditation practice. Meditation can help us ground and calm in the chaos of everyday life.

As you begin to find your personal practice, here are a few other ‘finds’ that may help. 

Find your place 

Where do you feel the most relaxed? Do you have a favorite spot? Once you figure out where to make your space, add personal items like a blanket, candle, essential oil or plant. The goal is to cultivate a space that feels comforting and nurturing.  

Find your seat 

Are you sitting on the floor? On a chair? Do you need a pillow, block or a blanket for support? It may seem odd, but by finding your most comfortable seat, you can stay within your meditation practice instead of fidgeting! Try a few different ways and see if you are comfortable for 5 minutes. If not, change positions, add support and try again. 

Find your intention or mantra

Why are you meditating? What do you wish to uncover or rediscover? As we start meditating, having an intention or mantra will allow us to refocus when our mind begins to wander. 

Find your breath

As you settle in your seat with your intention, find your breath. Where are you holding tension? Are you able to take a slow breath in? Take a couple of deep breaths and as you exhale, have the intention to relax and release. Not only your body but the expectations you may have for your practice. 

Find your practice

When is the best time to meditate for you? The best part about starting a personal practice is that it is your own. Some find meditation fits into their schedule best first thing in the morning – others find the evening is better. The time length is yours to decide, but a short practice everyday is a great place to start. 

Written by: April Waldrop, Director of Yoga

If you are interested in learning more about how to create a personal meditation practice, want to connect with other members of the community, or desire to strengthen your current practice. Torus Therapy & April Waldrop are offering a Meditation Workshop starting January 10th!

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