Balancing Inner and Outer Work


Many circumstances within the modern world make the process of looking inward a difficult one. So many modern demands, rituals, and customs contradict many aspects of how humans interact with the natural world. One area of the human experience which has greatly been affected by this is that of spirituality. The concept of spirituality is something that brings those on the spiritual path to a deeply personal and introspective journey. While, this can bring about great healing and be deeply fulfilling, it is crucial to recognize the dynamism of the outer world. Even those who believe that we are spiritual beings in a physical world must acknowledge that being in the world makes us actors within it. This brings up an interesting quandary. How can we merge the processes of looking inward on a spiritual journey and taking action in the outside world?

Exploring Spirituality

When examining issues of a spiritual nature, one of the first names that often comes to mind is that of the late spiritual leader Ram Dass. Dass was a former professor of psychology at Harvard University who inspired many Westerners to explore spirituality. In an interview with Walter Link of Global Academy Media, Link and Dass examine various tenets of spirituality and discuss how these concepts could be channeled into action (Fierce Grace – Global Academy Media, 2016). One issue that was discussed concerned the balance between doing inner versus outer work. This brought forth an interesting response from Dass. He mentioned how, at times, he felt hesitant to listen to the outer work community as he was worried about losing his way on the spiritual path.

Link lamented their previous failures in showing the virtues of inner work to the outer work community, as they were trying to do so in a traditional manner. Both Das and Link had wise insights on how inner work can make an impact. Dass included how spiritual work goes from heart to heart. It is not something that can be quantified in a traditional numerical sense. Link pointed out how outer work can be used as a vehicle for touching hearts if the intent comes from a place of spirituality.

Healing Approach at Torus

These insights align with what we believe at Torus. Believing that individuals must take a holistic approach to healing to experience it in its fullness. Focusing on the psychological aspect of healing leaves out the physical and the spiritual components. These factors impact one another, as we hold the belief that we are spiritual beings in a physical world. From Transpersonal Therapy, Meditation, Spiritual Response Healing, Acupuncture, Yoga, and Reiki, our practitioners utilize a variety of healing techniques. This enables individuals to get in touch with their spirit and do inner work allowing them to take meaningful action in the outside world.

Written by: Nick Shaw, MSW Intern

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