What You Can Expect

Before the Session Starts

  • Make sure you have a private space you can go to where you won’t be disturbed or heard. This may be in a bedroom, home office, or even, if needed, in a large closet, basement, or in your car in your driveway (please do NOT worry about clutter or messy surroundings as we will only be focusing on you and your emotional needs). 
  • If you live with others, you may need to request family members or those you live with not to disturb you (though, if young kids are at home, we can brainstorm options). You might consider putting a white noise machine or a small window fan outside of the door to the room you are in. This will help mask the sound so you won’t be heard outside the door. 
  • In most cases, you will need a laptop or desktop computer with a video camera and microphone (these are built in to most modern laptops). We can use telehealth with a smartphone instead if needed. 
  • Using earphones/buds plugged into the computer helps maintain privacy and improves sound. 
  • Please close all unnecessary web-browsers and ensure that no one else in your home is using the wifi for streaming (or at all, if possible).
  • Be comfortable! Find a relaxing position, perhaps with pillows, a throw blanket, a cup of tea or essential oils, so that you can create a healing, soothing environment for yourself in this time that is dedicated solely to your self-care.

Beginning a Session

  • Technology has made it easy to access telehealth and we have multiple platform options. Our primary platform is a HIPPA-secure website that you sign into when you become a client of ours. The telehealth program is through the client portal where you complete your intake paperwork. You will receive an email link prior to your appointment via email or text. When it is your appointment time, you simply click the URL that was sent to you and a box will appear. Once the box pops up, you simply wait for the clinician to join and appear in the box. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your browser, as it typically provides a higher quality video experience than Safari or Explorer. 
  • For the best sound quality possible, please use headphones (if possible).


  • Make sure your volume is up and that your video, microphone, and camera are on (usually this happens automatically).
  • There is a chat function on the bottom left of the screen so we can type a message to each other if we are unable to hear each other. If the wifi signal has a poor connection, simply restart your computer and copy and paste your provided link back into your browser and wait for your therapist to join again. 
  • If more than two minutes have gone by and you haven’t been able to reconnect with your therapist, your therapist will call or text you.