The Power in the Prompting of Pivoting

While researching themes of 2021, by examining other blogs and stories (most were related to school yearbook themes at first), there began to be a pattern in the ideas. There is room for consideration as it holds space for the experiences of others around the world. It recognizes each of our world views, lessons, and interconnected lives and provides us with a choice for the New Year.

Most stories or themes related to Covid, to the world crisis, to conflict, to grief, to work environments changing, but what stood out was a theme of the word pivot. Amid many difficult and heavy things, complex emotions, energy attached, people chose to pivot within their lives. Whether that was quitting their job, leaving a relationship, starting therapy, telling someone or themselves that they love them. People were choosing to change course.

There is power in pivoting.

There is power in bringing focus and recognition to the difficulty and choosing to cultivate or head down a new path. Pivot, a verb, is defined as turning or rotating, swivel from, much like an office chair or a basketball player. The whole body changes direction, and there is a conscious choice to move to awareness to a new area.

Every year, The United Nations gathers to dedicate a theme or topic as intentional practices and area of focus for a new calendar year. One of the dedications made by the UN for 2021 was the International Year of Peace and Trust.

Peace and Trust stand out as intentions that may seem beneficial to carry into 2022. What moments, beliefs, lessons, and experiences may we bring with us into 2022? With the recognition that we can both hold onto what we want to carry with us and pivot away from the things we do not. Much like a basketball player holding the ball as they turn away from an opponent.

We wish you a Happy New Year and ask, in what ways is 2022 prompting you to pivot?

Written by: Chardyce Kott, LSW