Lessons from the Leaves

As we begin a new season, a season of change and transition, what can autumn teach us? Are there lessons hidden in the weather change, the comforting activities of staying in, watching the leaves fall, and wearing more layers? Autumn can provide us with lessons in transformation, balance, mystery, and rebirth. Some lessons to reflect on:

  1. Balance

The season of autumn serves as a lesson in balance. Fall includes the autumn equinox where the sun passes the equator moving north to south. Day and night become approximately the same length in time, existing in a moment of balance. Light and darkness are in equilibrium as we continue through the season of transition. You can also see balance as a theme in other areas throughout autumn with the harvest as there is life and death, and melancholy and acceptance.

  1. Maturity

Fall provides us with the imagery of reaching complete natural growth and then harvesting that growth. For us, that means growing from the roots up, reconnecting to have our needs met, and cultivating the space to reach our full potential. To recognize our growth, our changing, and our new ability to bear fruit. Reaching inner maturity means we have strengthened our emotional and relational capabilities and now obtain the wisdom to harvest upon that abundance and wealth.

  1. Change & Letting Go

One of the most common symbols of fall is the image of leaves falling and the connection to the old giving way to the promise of new life. It also represents the common and recurring theme of change. Autumn reminds us that we are in constant transformation, that our bodies and minds are in a continuous motion of movement. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus reminds us that “change is the only constant.” Now, this truth may be disheartening, but it allows us to emphasize the benefits of remaining in the present moment – savoring what we have before it falls away.

  1. Preservation & Reconnection

During this time, animals start storing food for the winter, farmers harvest their bounties, and we begin to spend more time at home cultivating a cozy and safe space. We spend more time in reflection, looking emotionally and spiritually inward and considering the choices we have made throughout the year and what options we have moving forward. Reconnecting to ourselves and preserving what we deem essential and safe for the cold months ahead.

So, what are you harvesting? What are you storing up, and what are you letting fall away? What is leading you to inner maturity and abundance? What do you need to preserve and reconnect? May this new season provide you with the space and time to reflect on where you have been and where you are going.

Written by: Chardyce Kott, LSW