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March 18



ÔťĘ Your Spiritual Transformation Awaits! ÔťĘ

Join Jamie Kruse in an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and enlightenment as you embark on the “Awakening Your Light Body Course.” With offerings to start this course is rolling every week.

This transformative experience, guided by the wisdom of DaBen and Orin, opens doorways to higher realms of consciousness, allowing you to go beyond thought into direct experiences of beingness.

Key Highlights of the Course

  1. Building Your Power Base (Part 1)
  • Foundation for emotional balance and improved interpersonal responses.
  • Breath-opening techniques and emotional release methods.
  • Orin’s guidance for perceiving life as a Master.
  1. Opening Your Heart Centre (Part 2)
  • Activation of the 4th energy body center (Ranthia) for emotional flow and love.
  • Journey with Orin to connect with Enlightened Ones.
  • Learn to channel energy for enhanced physical vitality.
  1. Activating Your Higher Energy Centres (Part 3)
  • Transmission of sounds and frequencies to activate 3 higher energy centers.
  • Deeper connection with your higher mind for increased creativity.
  • Exploration of expanded states of consciousness.
  1. Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies (Part 4)
  • Integration of awakened energy centers for heightened awareness.
  • Explore subtle energies, elevate vibration, and transform relationships.
  1. Awakening Your Light Body (Part 5)
  • Transmission of sounds and frequencies to awaken the first 2 light body centers.
  • Connection with the soul of the earth and exploration of oneness.
  • Preparation for becoming a worker of light and potential spiritual leader.
  1. Becoming Radiant (Part 6)
  • Energies to awaken the final light body center for bliss and oneness.
  • Explore the void, dimensions, and gain a profound perspective on the universe.
  • Evolutionary leap for personal power and positive impact on others.
  1. Course Review
  • 6-month course with monthly support sessions with Jamie Kruse.
  • Access to all 74 programs, written materials, and additional support.
  • Total cost: $494 for material
  • Coaching/guidance for integration $600 for six months

Is This Course for You? Ask Yourself:

  • Are you on a path of spiritual growth?
  • Do you seek higher, expanded states of consciousness?
  • Is finding and living your higher purpose important to you?
  • Are you open to the new and willing to let go of what no longer serves you?

Learn More: Course Information


Investment Details

Downloadable Courses from Light Body Website & Coaching Cost for 6 months:

Download special offer includes 6 free MP3 Thaddeus music track downloads with purchase.

Download offer:  These 6 download courses ($89 each) are $534 if purchased separately.  Purchase all 6 courses at the same time for $494, and save $40.

A separate cost is for reserving your spot with your coach, Jamie. Her cost is $600 for the entire 6 months.

We understand that this is costly; but when you compare it to therapy; it is much cheaper. Compare it to 18 weeks of therapy that is over $2300.00

And if you find yourself here, you are looking for something different so please keep that it mind. This is for you, your health, and your wellbeing which will exude into your life allowing you shine!


If you are interested in the Light Body Course, please send Jamie an email at jamie@torus-therapy.com to reserve an informational packet and a free questionnaire to assess readiness.

­čîč Unlock Your Potential and Radiate Light with Jamie Kruse’s Light Body Course! ­čîč


Jamie Kruse


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