Energy Clearing: What is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual Response Therapy founded by the late Rev. Robert E. Detzler (1926-2013) is a form of spiritual healing that helps remove blocks and interferences in your subconscious that prevent you from living a fulfilled life. SRT works on a spiritual level to remove mental, emotional, and physical challenges.  It is a wonderful spiritual healing tool that gets to the root problems and clears negative subconscious programming. 

Why Spiritual Response Therapy?

Spiritual Response Therapy or (SRT)  is a way to tap into our subconscious  mind and our soul records.  In SRT the practitioner connects to your  higher self, or higher guidance. We use the guidance to research and find past life energies, negative energies, and blocked thought forms.  Once identified, these blocks and negative energies can be cleared from the subconscious and the soul,  replacing  the blocks with compassionate and loving messages allowing you to heal yourself on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


In SRT a pendulum is used as a tool to access the subconscious. By asking direct questions, the pendulum swings providing a response directly from the subconscious and or the high self.  When used in combination with psychological knowledge, awareness of energy, and awareness of spiritual principles,  SRT becomes a form of spiritual therapy, clearing energies that are blocking your evolution. 

Therapy and SRT

Sometimes you just need a kick in the right direction. SRT is one of those tools that will help do that in non direct ways. Some people feel results immediately, and comment on feeling lighter when they leave. For others it takes a few days, weeks, or months, but subtle or not so subtle change is reported by many. 

The power of belief is important here, so you must believe in what SRT can do for one to experience the changes. 

Many who do SRT will find that they will know when they need another session as we are working with energy, energy is constantly moving, thus life is always moving. That’s the thing about change. It is inevitable. But what is constant is that we are provided with the tools to navigate the changes, and SRT is one of those tools. 

Many people who do therapy and SRT will find that SRT will do a lot of clearing, but then we are stuck in the human experience of creating the change. Therapy will help support the changes that one may need to take once an energy is cleared out. 


SRT was founded by Dr. Clark Cameron beliefs around ideomotor responses observed. In 1985, he introduced SRT to Rev. Robert Detzler; a unity minister. In Robert’s curiosity and belief, he began using SRT in his counseling at unity church and was seeing results.  As he became more skilled, began adding spiritual principles to the method and continues to see people’s lives change.  After seeing the powerful results, he dedicated all of his later work to SRT. In 1991 he founded the The Spiritual Response Association that is alive and well today. Rev Robert Detzler dedicated his life to SRT and taught thousands of students. He has published three books and has traveled around the world teaching.

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