Connecting to Your Purpose: A Monthly Workshop

Connecting to your purpose can be hard in the busy lives we live. 

For me personally, COVID-19 provided me a time of solace for brief periods. This allowed change to happen in my life more than ever before. 

Being a busy therapist, mom, and wife, I don’t know if I ever stopped. But Covid brought me an opportunity to slow down just a bit and pause. 

Still a therapist, still busy managing all the changes that came along with Covid at work, and also homeschooling my children, one would think I was more busy during Covid.  

Since I didn’t have all the extra activities, I had time to think. I had time to sit and pause. In reality I was home, I was connected to my children, I was connected to my job, and I found solace in that. I was able to sit with the things I enjoyed, the things I didn’t, and discern what I wanted to do moving forward. From that Pause, I have created so many changes to my life now 2 years after Covid. 

No matter how big or small the pause is, we can gain so much out of the pause. 

And in the pause we can see. 

And in the pause we can create. 

And in that creation we find our purpose. 

What is Connecting to your Purpose? 

Connecting to your purpose is a workshop created to be a moment of pause in your busy life, so that you can feel into what you want. 

When you connect to what you want, you connect with your heart. And when you feel it in your heart, you create. 

You must connect to the heart and feel it to have it manifest in your life! 

What do you do in these workshops? 

Connecting to your purpose meets one time a month on the New Moon. 

We will have varying experiential exercises to help you connect to your breath, allow you space to pause, and listen to your inner wants, desires, intentions, wishes, goals, and or dreams.  You will connect these to your heart  so that you can build the life you want. 

You will leave these workshops feeling lighter, have more awareness, and have increased energy and momentum in your life, have given a gift of care to yourself! 

What kind of activities do you do? 

We use activities that quiet the mind; and help you go into your heart. We at Torus Therapy believe the heart is where our purpose is found. 

Activities used to help you connect are Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Art, Journaling, essential oils, and group participation.  

These activities may change from month to month. 

Are you ready to listen? 

We invite you to listen to your heart.  The voice is always there, we are just here to guide you. 

We look forward to seeing you at our Connecting to Your Purpose Workshop

Written & Hosted by Jamie Kruse, LCSW.